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Jane Eyre

by Paul Gordon and John Caird

Empress Theatre, 2022

Directed by Andrew Jefferies

Music Directed by Skyler Bluemel-Gines

Choreographed by Heather McDonald

Stage Managed by Michelle Hudson

Scenic Design by Leon Page

Costume Design by Kaye Lynn Wright

Lighting Design by Zac Bringhurst

Sound Design by Aaron Eatchel

Hair & Makeup Design by Cheryl Cripps

Sandwiched between Beauty and the Beast and The Sound of Music at the Empress, this production of Jane Eyre seemed fated to fade into the background. I was determined to help our show stand out by centering the story on Jane grappling with her religion and traumatic past, instead of her romance with Rochester. I staged the ensemble to be closely involved in the action, and then at the climax of the story Jane finally became aware of them - of the spirits watching over her throughout her life. 

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