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Sweeney Todd

by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler

Empress Theatre, 2023

Directed by Andrew Jefferies

Music Directed by Travis Clark

Choreographed by Heather McDonald

Stage Managed by Kayla Rydalch

Scenic Design by Melissa Holm

Props Design by Justina Spencer

Costume Design by Rebecca Fenton

Hair & Wig Design by Cheryl Cripps

Lighting Design by Sylas Fordham

Sound Design by Aaron Eatchel

Sweeney Todd is often produced in Utah, but rarely do productions explore the emotional depths of these characters and make Todd's descent into madness and revenge a sympathetic one. 

This production utilized the symbolism of cages, the constant presence of the rich and destitute sides of London, and a Todd defined most by his grief to help the audience see that Sweeney Todd is more than a character. He's an entity. He's a representation of what can become of people who are targeted by the legal system, rejected by society, and left alone in their suffering. And the musical as a whole is a warning that we all have the capacity to become or create him. 

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