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The Sound of Music

by Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II, Howard Lindsay, and Russel Crouse

Timpanogos Arts Foundation, 2023

Directed by Andrew Jefferies

Music Directed by Abigail Anderson

Choreographed by Meg Flinders

Stage Managed by Adam Gowers

Scenic & Costume Design by Nicole Madsen

Lighting Design by Caleb Wallengren

Sound Design by Jason Young

Props Design by Mike Handy

“In his director’s note, Andrew Jefferies addressed the challenge of honoring what is known and appreciated about the film while creating a production that is fresh and exciting. I was impressed at the subtle ways in which Jefferies accomplished his goal. …Ultimately, The Sound of Music made me think, feel, and engage with the production. Doing work of this caliber within a community theatre context and in a show featuring so many young actors is a tribute to a strong leadership team and a director who found the timelessness and timeliness of the production.” Read full review here.

“A hats off to director Andrew Jefferies, who balanced the beautiful and the terrible to create a lovely and multifaceted world. This cleverly staged production is a must-see.” Read full review here.

The Sound of Music was an interesting challenge to direct. The film adaptation has captured the hearts of audiences for generations and any stage production will inevitably be compared to it. I wanted to make sure that we honored the film’s legacy, while also leaning into the stage adaptation’s differences and the distinct opportunities presented by theatre as a medium.

This production featured unique stagings of Agathe von Trapp's funeral, Mother Abbess's revelation to send Maria to the von Trapp home, Mother Abbess later showing Maria her revelation, and the Nazi regime gradually overtaking their community. These moments helped further emphasize the heart of this story - the Von Trapp family reuniting and Maria finding her destiny. 

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